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Consultant testimonials

“I have worked with Zoe and Sam since 2010, and I can confidently say that they have been an invaluable asset in the treatment of my patients. Zoe and Sam have demonstrated excellent rehabilitation skills in multiple modalities. My patients and fellow staff ¬†speak very highly of PhysioMotion, both in regards to their knowledge of spinal pain management and also as people. They both clearly have true passion for the physiotherapy profession, which is reflected in the quality of their work. I would undoubtedly recommend any future patients to PhysioMotion Limited.

Dr Chris Seifert
Consultant in Pain Management & Anaesthesia
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“Zoe and Sam have developed excellent skills in the management of foot and ankle disorders and have looked after many of my patients with great success since 2010. The concept of home and work visits that Physiomotion Limited provide is particularly useful, especially in the early phase of recovery from surgery when mobility is limited. Both Zoe and Sam work alongside several expert physiotherapy colleagues and regularly attended our team meetings ensuring that they are totally up to date with new and progressive treatments. I have valued PhysioMotion’s input in supporting my patients through their recovery and return to sport and recreational pursuits.”

Mr James Calder
Consultant Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon
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Patient testimonials

“Three major procedures on my cervical and lumber spine cured the agonising pain that I had been suffering but inevitably left weakness and impaired function throughout my body. I was directed to Zo√´ Birch, who personally completed my rehabilitation, mainly through hydrotherapy, dealing with residual pain and weakness.
I am truly grateful for Ms Birch‚Äôs highly skilled treatment, her attention to detail and empathy with my situation. With Zo√´ leading them, I have no hesitation in endorsing the PhysioMotion team.”

John Simson, Post-operative spinal rehabilitation, Hampshire
“Zoe is the most diligent, helpful and caring physiotherapist you could ever hope to be treated by. She combines deep knowledge and expertise with a delightfully enthusiastic and caring personality. Her approach to treatment and aftercare are second to none. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Not to forget to mention that behind every good woman is another one ‚Äì her fantastically helpful and efficient behind the scenes administration assistant, Claire, for whom nothing seems too much trouble. Thank you to you both for your wonderful support.”
Aylsa,Toe/Digital displacement/Flexor Tendon transfer
“The treatment I received at Physiomotion was first class. Sam knew exactly what he was doing and had me able to run, turn and jump in a short space of time. The whole team were very accommodating and the service all round was outstanding. I am extremely grateful to Sam and Physiomotion for their help.”
Stephen, Severe right ankle sprain, Alresford, Hampshire
“Physio was excellent and helped speed up my recovery with increased confidence that I could overcome my injury. Zoe provided me with netball specific physio which has enable me to play netball without an ankle brace!.”
Helen, Ankle Sprain, West London
“While playing in a rugby match, I strained my knee by falling awkwardly. When it didn’t settle over the course of a week, a friend recommended Sam and Physiomotion Limited. Sam performed his in-depth assessment of my knee, exploring all potentially involved structures.
Within the hour session, Sam had established a diagnosis, provided a individualised rehabilitation plan and settled my anxiety regarding the injury. His input gave me the ability to return to running and confidence in competitive sport.
I would definitely recommend Sam to any of my friends or colleagues.”

Sean, Hyper-Extension Injury, South West London
“My knowledge of Physios is limited, but from day one I had every confidence in Zoe’s knowledge, her enthusiasm and obvious care about getting me back on my feet. We set a goal for me to cycle in the Alps 6 months following the surgery which we achieved”
Patrick, Lateral ligament reconstruction in ankle, West London
“The injury has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through and overcome but it has been made so much easier by Zoe’s help, attitude and energy! Now 11 months post-op and so far I have not had any issues, for which I’m very grateful. Thank you for such a wonderful Physio.”
Joseph, Achilles repair, South West London
“I was confident at every stage of my treatment that Zoe was very knowledgeable and that she took special care to discover the problems she needed to deal with. I blame my rapid recovery on her and if I ever need physio help in the future, I know whom to ring.”
Patrick, minimally displaced right ankle Weber B fracture, West London
“Sam came to help our son, a student at the Royal Ballet School to recover from an operation. We were extremely happy with Sam as a physiotherapist as he was very professional, friendly, punctual and always available to answer any concerns we had. He also regularly sent a detailed report of our son’s progress to our Physician as well as his school which was very helpful. I would highly recommend Physiomotion for its professionalism and high standard of service.”
Mr & Mrs Foskett, parents of student at The Royal Ballet School, Richmond
“Throughout the Australian Rules football season, my hamstrings were always susceptible to injury. ¬†Sam undertook a thorough examination and prescribed me with a full rehab program that has not only resolve my issue in the short term, but prevented similar issues for the remainder of the season. Sam’s detailed knowledge and expertise is impressive to say the least, and he is well versed in the latest research in his field. ¬†He is easily the best and most reliable physiotherapist I have used and would highly recommend his services to anyone.”
Eoin Ó Murchú, Hamstring Tendonopathy, Putney, South West London
“After suffering from recurrent ankle strains, I was very cautious about returning to contact sports. I sought physiotherapy treatment from Sam, who provided me with an in-depth assessment listening to my concerns and needs. His hands-on treatment was a very high standard, ¬†and his rehabilitation plans gave me the confidence and support to continue playing contact sports without concern. I will definitely be continuing my physio treatment with Sam next season, and would recommend him to any friends or team mates.”
David O’Donnell, Recurrent Ankle Strain
“I feel extremely fortunate to have been treated by Zoe. She always began her consultation by asking if I had experienced any problems since seeing her last, dealing with these patiently and always explaining things with clarity. She would incorporate into the consultation solutions to any problems I had experienced. When you are unable to walk, you are naturally very fearful, but I soon learnt that Zoe was utterly trustworthy. She would never ask me to do anything that would put me at risk and at the same time helped me to achieve things I thought I could never do.”
Cheryl, Patella Dislocation, City of London
“I was referred to Zoe in October 2015 via a consultant as I was experiencing running injuries. My goal had always been to run Comrades Ultra marathon in 2016 for my 40th birthday.¬† Zoe worked very hard to help me through my training, providing both treatment and guidance with exercises.¬† She was always flexible with times and dates which made treatment much easier.¬† I achieved my goal of reaching the finish line in May 2016 and I am sure I wouldn‚Äôt have made the start or the finish line without Zoe‚Äôs help.¬† Thank you Zoe.”
Philippa, Chondromalacia Patellae, Central London (City)
I’m so grateful I had Zoe to help me through the hardest, most demoralising part of my recovery. She was energetic and positive and helped pick me up, whilst also pushing me to get back and believing in my ankle. She’s immensely skilled, from mobilisation to acupuncture, and I couldn’t have recovered as quickly or as positively without her.
Bruno Micchiardi, Subtalar joint fusion, Soloist in Estonian Ballet Company
“Zoe was recommended to me by my orthopaedic surgeon, after my right hip was replaced. I wanted a physiotherapist with the expertise to speed my recovery and get me mobile as quickly as possible, who could also gently build up my general fitness. Zoe fully qualified on both counts, and soon had me walking and getting around without any aids, to such an extent that my friends and family were honestly amazed. Zoe obviously knows what she is doing, and clearly understands the effects of the hip surgery, tailoring her exercise program each visit to my immediate needs and physical state. Six months after surgery I now often forget that I have had hip replacement, due both to skilful surgery and Zoe’s excellent physiotherapy treatment.”
Judy, Total hip replacement, North London
“I went to Zoe Birch after badly fracturing my calcaneous. Best decision I could have made in my recovery. Fully supported me whilst encouraging me to believe I would get back on my feet again. Very experienced with plenty of Hands on therapy and exercises. Highly recommend.
Helen, Road traffic accident, South West London
Zoe worked wonders getting my ankle moving again after I had been non-weight-bearing for a couple of months following surgery to repair a split in my peroneal tendon.   Her visits were challenging but fun Рand it was great having exercises designed for me to do in my own home.
Toni, Left exploration and repair of peroneus brevis tear, West London
I met Zoe Birch after a horse riding accident resulting in me sustaining multiple fractures in my ribs, spine, pelvis and left leg. I was very anxious about my ability to return to normal especially as I was initially finding it difficult to even roll over in bed. ¬†Zoe was fantastic and visited me at home the day after I was discharged from hospital. ¬†She provided me with confidence and reassurance at once and throughout my recovery. ¬†She maintained communication with all the consultants involved with my recovery to ensure they were aware of my progress and after my reviews what the next step I could take. ¬†The other thing that was great about Zoe is she didn’t just treat the areas that had been injured but look at how these could impact other areas of my body due to increase use of these areas, such as my arms and neck especially when I was non-weightbearing. I would highly recommend Zoe, which I have often done when any of my friends or colleagues complain about their aches and pains or injuries.
Ambra, Horse Riding Accident and Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction, South West London
I feel very confident in Zoe. She is clearly very experienced in treating plantar fasciitis and had a clear plan about how she would treat and cure this problem. ¬†What I particularly liked is Zoe’s insistence that a significant part of the long term solution lay with me. ¬†She could help. But I also had to help myself. ¬†She provided me with exercises for treating my condition, but also provide¬†thoughts about posture, running and walking styles. ¬†Zoe was always courteous, considerate and very professional in her work. ¬†She clearly takes pride and has passion for her work, which gives me no hesitation in recommending her to a friend.
Nick, Plantar fasciitis, Central London (City)
“I first met Zoe following knee surgery to repair my ruptured patella tendon in October 2012. She came very highly recommended by my consultant & I can totally see why! She has a wealth of knowledge & is so supportive which has undoubtably aided my recovery no end. We also didn’t stop laughing at any stage & 3 years on, we are still in contact & very good friends. I really appreciate everything she’s done for me.
Megan, Patella Tendon Repair and Knee arthroscopy with Lateral Release
“Zoe is the most diligent, helpful, knowledgable and caring physio you could ask for. Her understanding of my injury and her interaction with my surgeon meant that I received the absolute best treatment and advice at every stage of my journey to full recovery from a total achilles tendon rupture. I know that I could never have made such a strong recovery in such a short space of time if it hadn’t been for Zoe. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Russ, Achilles Repair, Central London