The latest from PhysioMotion Limited

Whilst we are performing physiotherapy in our clinics in London or cycling between our patients’ homes, Zoe and Sam like to share their knowledge and inform you of new research developments in treating musculoskeletal conditions, sporting injuries or rehabilitation after surgery.  This will give you a better understand of your current musculoskeletal concern, our approach to treating our patients or even encourage you to try something new.



Cycling’s a Pain

Each summer when the professional peloton enters the height of their season, it’s inevitable that amateur and infrequent cyclists start being inspired by televised mountain stage wins and begin climbing back onto their own bike saddle. However, dusting off the cobwebs from the bike can often cause some discomforts and reoccurrence of injuries if you’re ill-prepared. This blog will be discussing the most common injuries arising from cycling, and their appropriate physiotherapy management.
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Why is balance so important?

Balance is defined in biomechanics as the ability to maintain upright positioning within your base of support with minimal postural sway. Balance is a key component of every movement in which we make, be it a large movement like taking a step forward while walking, to something as small as breathing while standing upright.

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