The latest from PhysioMotion Limited

Whilst we are performing physiotherapy in our clinics in London or cycling between our patients’ homes, Zoe and Sam like to share their knowledge and inform you of new research developments in treating musculoskeletal conditions, sporting injuries or rehabilitation after surgery.  This will give you a better understand of your current musculoskeletal concern, our approach to treating our patients or even encourage you to try something new.



The Wimbledon Effect Series: Ankle Sprains

With the upcoming Major Tennis Tournaments and seasonal improvements in British Weather, Physiotherapists begin to see their annual spike in Tennis-related injuries. In this series of blogs, we will be discussing about the top 3 injuries often seen in tennis players: Ankle Sprains, Forearm Strains, and Back pain. The first in this series will be regarding the ankle.

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Running Podcast

Welcome to PhysioMotion’s first podcast. In this session we will be discussing marathon training with Phillip Leonard Рperfect timing for the London Marathon. Read more

Techniques of Rowing

A great exercise I use frequently in end-stage rehabilitation of knees and hips, as well as general cardiovascular fitness, is rowing. Almost every gym has a handful of rowing machines available, which means after a quick training session with my clients, they are able to replicate the exercises in their own gyms or homes with relative ease. Read more