The latest from PhysioMotion Limited

Whilst we are performing physiotherapy in our clinics in London or cycling between our patients’ homes, Zoe and Sam like to share their knowledge and inform you of new research developments in treating musculoskeletal conditions, sporting injuries or rehabilitation after surgery.  This will give you a better understand of your current musculoskeletal concern, our approach to treating our patients or even encourage you to try something new.



How can hydrotherapy help me?

Physiotherapist regularly use hydrotherapy to assist with treating their patients, and at PhysioMotion Limited we are no different. In this blog we will discuss the benefits of using hydrotherapy to help 4 different areas of Physiotherapy.

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Injuries at the World Cup.

Injuries in Football

World Cup fever his well-and-truly hit our lives this summer. The ubiquitous coverage and updates of the international players litter our screens and newspapers. With these players putting their bodies on the line for their country, they can often sustain injuries limiting their participation in the latter stages of the contest.

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Neck Pain ‚Äì A real ‘Pain-in-the-Neck’

Neck pain is prolific throughout office working populations; whether it be a random onset of short term acute pain, or an ongoing ache present around the neck, it seems to be the ubiquitous complaint. But why exactly do we get neck pain when we have done relatively little to cause it? This blog will countdown the top 5 causes for neck pain:

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